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Shanylah Marilyn Tamia Bembry, born in Newark N.J., is truly an all-American girl.

When she was a little girl, she loved to sing and dance. Shanylah also loves to play sports and video games, and her favorite food is taco. 

Her dream has always been to perform and speak on television - something she always spoke about.

By the age of 4-years-old, she created her stage name ShanylahB. It was so catchy that everyone began referring to her as ShanylahB.

Later, Shanylah began speaking at events to encourage other children her age.

She is determined to make her long-time dream of speaking and encouraging others a reality!

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  ShanylahB wrote her first book, "No Bullying," when she was 8-years-old. Her own experience of being a victim of bullying inspired her to write a book. 

She wants to share a message to other children to let them know that it is okay to stand up for yourself if you're being bullied. 

She also wants bullies to know that it's not cool to be a bully. It causes issues like depression, suicide and other harmful effects. Shanylah let's bullies know how they make other kids feel.

Join ShanaylaB in her no bullying campaign!

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